Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fairytale Dreams ~ Which Goose

Whichgoose is a one-girl operation run by Maryland- native Emily Zych. She takes inspiration from nature and vintage romance to create whimsical crowns and unique bridal accessories.

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Her main goal is to create a fantasy for brides -- to transform their childhood fairytale dreams into a stylish reality.

Emily uses mostly natural and vintage elements in the pieces she makes. The natural elements tend to be items that gatheedr from the ground or harvested from large growths. Vintage is the most exciting element to Emily. It's the best form of recycling in her opinion!

You're wearing something that someone else has already loved ... the idea is so romantic!

So many decorative items from nature can be incorporated at very little cost! Emily loves the idea of a "woodland" style wedding. Think of little branch and moss centerpieces. And depending on the season, there is so much that grows abundantly and naturally that can be used for flower decorations without the additional expense of a florist. Potted plants are also a great idea – centerpieces that guests can take with them and continue to enjoy.

Emily feels that so much of what we do nowadays is thrown away after one use -- but a wedding should be an event that lasts (not just in your memory).

WhichGoose does custom work! Emily loves to make original creations based on a bride's colors or ideas for their wedding. E-mail her at

Look for Emily's creations on the catwalk in this year's Eco Fashion Show at the Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase!

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