Friday, February 4, 2011

Eco-Artware: Green Before it was Chic!

The Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase is excited to welcome to the 2011 show. Owner Reena Kazman will be a featured speaker in the afternoon, presenting ideas for environmentally friendly gift wrapping. Additionally, she will be providing the stunning jewelry you will see on the catwalk.

A little more about Reena and ...Reena Kazmann was environmentally conscious before green became chic. An artist by training, she launched the first green online gift site,, in 1999 to share her vision of how everyday discards can be recycled into beautiful, useful long-lasting works of art. Reena works with artists, designers and craftsmen around the world to find unique gifts that are well-made from natural and reclaimed materials. The collection now features work by 32 diverse, yet cutting-edge artisans.

These range from a Maryland artist who makes jewelry from recycled sterling silver in a tiny studio to a collective in Afghanistan that pays women members the same wages as men and makes pomegranate and other natural oils and scents for their skin care products from local fruits and flowers a Rhode Island metalsmith who creates furniture and accessories from retired traffic signs which he collects throughout the country.

Eco-Artware runs a green office. Among other practices, they use packing peanuts collected from the neighborhood, buy recycled paper and reuses its file folders for years to reduce the business’ impact on the waste stream. Their suppliers also work to reduce their eco footprint--some have zero waste offices. By operating entirely online and in the social media, Eco-Artware does not contribute to the clutter created by printed catalogs. The site also offers an extensive (and growing) section of resources for customers who want to green up their lives.

Eco-friendly gifts come in eco-chic packages. Ditch the one-time-only paper and ribbons for no-waste cloth wrappings. They’re unique, totally reusable, and easy to do. This “how to” video shows different ways to give your gifts eco-style — two wraps don’t even need knots! For a designer touch, Eco-Artware offers a variety of wrapping cloths made from CoutureWrap, high-fashion dress fabric remnants just right for dressing up your wedding party gifts.

A couple taking marriage vows pledge to remain together forever. Keepsakes for the wedding party should carry the same message. Eco-Artware offers a wide range of gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen that are both stylish and timeless. In addition to the ideas presented under our “Weddings” section — cufflinks made from vintage typewriter keys

or outdated transit tokens, picture frames from worn out bicycles and

— check out the entire collection of home and personal items, available in every price range. They also offer gift certificates in any amount.

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