Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memorable & Individual: Federal City Catering

Federal City Caterers is an off premise caterer comprised of five owner-managers and four additional account executives, each with extensive experience in the local and national catering markets. Federal City provides catering services for the U.S. Department of State, the Pentagon, the Library of Congress and the Vice President’s House. We also cater to many other government agencies, large corporations, law firms, associations, and private residences in the Washington area. Federal City is also on the approved list of caterers for every major museum and notable public space in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas.

Because we cater so many different types of events, Federal City believes in custom designing each one to meet the client’s needs. We do not have pre-set quarterly menus, like many other catering companies. We take into account the overall theme of each event, the budget, the client’s tastes or dietary concerns and come up with a truly delicious and unique menu. This individual approach to catering ensures that your event will be a memorable one!

Stick to seasonal and local food selections! Federal City will provide locally grown and sustainable food items (and d├ęcor) based on menu selection. All of Federal City’s food products are considered “local” by FDA standards (within a 400 mile radius). However, we prefer to hit the mark even closer to home by sourcing as much as possible from farms in Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore as well as Southern Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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