Monday, February 14, 2011

More than an Officiant: Rev. Laura Cannon

Creative, Charismatic, and Conscious is the phrase to describe Reverend Laura Cannon.

Reverend Laura is unique because she does more than just officiate a wedding. She works with the couple to go beyond just the day of to make sure they get their happily ever after.

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She offers a unique service called “Creationships” coaching. It is very similar to premarital counseling but the focus is getting couple to become conscious of the partnership they are creating through marriage.

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Rev. Laura encourages couples to bring sustainable elements to their ceremony. For example, instead of doing a candle lighting ceremony to symbolize your coming together, you can do a tree planting ceremony. The couple plants two trees which they will nurture throughout their marriage.

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Rev. Laura offers more than just wedding officiating. She offers spiritual counseling, healing sessions, vegan cooking classes and more!

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When you choose Rev. Laura as an officiate you are getting way more than someone who can transform you from a 'single' to a 'married' you are getting someone who can help you transform your life in many different ways.

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