Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green Values: Christine Barker Photography

We are bridal photographers who specialize in capturing the intimate, informality of wine-country styled weddings. We are a boutique photography company, and that means that we specialize in only shooting weddings. We shoot weddings because we most value our close friends and family. We believe that when a close group of people come together to support the bride and groom, the pride, the love, and the energy is one of the greatest examples of the true meaning of family.

All of our preferred vendors have to go along with Christine’s three business values. They have to be handmade, they have to be eco-friendly, and they have to withstand a long period of time.

Green Ideas for the Bride:
We love the idea of a bride making her wedding dress, hand making party favors, or even hand-making her invitations. We love to see other people who are passionate about showing their own time, love and hand in the details of their wedding. It also allows for opportunity to recycle items in the process of hand-crafting a unique element of their wedding.

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