Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reworking the Past: Vintage Valise

Reworking vintage jewelry and fabrics into fabulous "new vintage" art to wear is what we are all about.

photo by Michelle March at Shadowbear Photography

Welcome to Vintage Valise. I love vintage everything and most of my clothing and jewelry is based on putting beautiful old pieces together to make wonderful new/old one -of- a -kind dresses, tops, skirts, necklaces and bracelets. I find most of my wonderful treasures at Estate Sales and Antique stores. I have a large collection of vintage linens, doilies and laces to work from. Your dress will be unique, one of a kind and hand sewn using Vintage Lace and Linens along with beautiful vintage buttons or other vintage jewels.

Photo & all below, courtesy Vintage Valise

Vintage pieces have their own history. Many have been well loved and some stored away for decades carefully wrapped. I love them all and even the pieces with holes or stains are cut and reclaimed. I like reusing items that some people would just toss away into the thrift bag. I have come across some unusual linens that remind us of a very romantic time when linens were monogramed and even the sheets were ironed.

Some of these treasures most certainly were wedding gifts that rode across the ocean to their new home in America. Grandmas spent many hours embroidering tiny threads into beautiful works of art or tatting lacey finery.

Today we don't use these beautiful pieces as they were intended very often so I love to find ways to use these gorgeous linens so they will be seen and enjoyed not packed away hidden and forgotten.

If you value the quality and beauty of old linens and unique vintage jewels I know we can work together to create something that you will love for many years to come. Visit me at and have a look (also check my sold orders for some ideas on what I have done in the past). If you have an idea for a custom piece of jewelry or clothing please contact me and I know I can put together something unique and wonderful for you.


  1. So how does one order a flower girl dress, like the one in the center of the 3 hangin dresses.

    1. Hi there - you should visit Vintage Valise's Etsy page to order a flower girl dress. Here is a link:
      Happy Shopping!