Friday, February 18, 2011

Kimmi: Looking toward a Greener Future

Repurposed fabrics and materials have always been the most creative resource for my designs. The unique quality of each piece allows me a creative process not possible with new yardage.

Each piece of lace has a unique history, its own story to tell. Some stories divulged to me as someone gives me a treasured piece that's been handed down to them, a family heirloom.

Others, I've gleaned from piles of fabrics destined for landfills after they've run the gamut of thrift stores, yardsales and the like. It's thrilling to find a gem in the rough!

My main inspiration is nature, the beauty and the desire to preserve that beauty. My desire in designing is to show the myriad possibilities of creating beautiful clothes from existing fabrics and materials.

My business has always included the use of recycled materials in every aspect; packing materials, paper, etc. It's of utmost importance to me that my business is as 'green' as it can be!

I love using soft, pliable fabrics that move with the body and feel good against the skin. It's important my creations are comfortable, something to feel at ease in.

Looking toward a Greener Future... Kimmi

AKF Photography Model: Lauren Burnham

Dress made of recycled lace worn over a vintage slip.

Photographer: Angela Burdiine Model: Chelsea Kaivu

Dress made of recycled cotton lace over recycled solid cotton with vintage lace insets in bodice and at hem.

Aderyn Photography Model: Briauna Mariah

Photography: Aderyn Photography Model: Briauna Mariah

Photography: Aderyn Photography Model: Briauna Mariah

Dress made of recycled ivory stretchy lace sewn over stretch lining
Photography: Epic Life Photography Model: Briauna Mariah and Erick

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