Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gwendolyn Gleason ~ Eco-Chic Fashion Pioneer

Couture Wedding Gowns for the Earth Conscious Eco-Chic Bride!

"Stitching nature and elegance into 'Divine' Couture! Pioneering new territory for the Bridal Industry! "

Just being made in natural fibers does not make it Green. Mine are made in organic Textiles and Peace Silk, clean through the textile finishing process!

Gwendolyn has researched and sourced authentic "Green" fabrics & make special textiles to meet my specifications! Four months spent in India, produced organic cottons, linens and a fine Peace Silk that is non-violent. Most silk kills the worm in the harvesting of the cocoon. Peace silk allows the worm to live, eat it's way out of the cocoon, and then the fiber is twisted into a fine yarn for weaving a luxurious fabric. This fabric has the "highest frequency" on the planet because there is no negative emotion in the harvesting of the fiber. What better to be married in a dress that is made in a SACRED SILK (tm)!

The gowns have linings that are organic as well, unlike most designer gowns in the industry. This insures the Bride is cool & comfortable as well!

Having been a successful New York Designer, working with Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom & Saks Fifth Avenue and many more private shops with her own label, Gwendolyn felt it was time to merge her authentic side with her love for beautiful bridal and evening wear.

Exploring green, but doing it on an elegant sophisticated level......and so gave birth Eco-Chic Couture.

Gwendolyn creates her Eco-Chic Couture Collection of bridal gowns, hats, fascinators and bridal accessories with a definite European romanticist flair and nostalgia. She transforms luxurious earth friendly organic fabrics into works of art. Pieces that are in essence, Timeless...

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