Monday, February 14, 2011

Fiberactive Organics: Leaving Things Better

Fiberactive Organics strives to not only to leave a very small footprint on the Earth but also to leave it better for having been there. Fiberactive uses only organic fabrics, laces, ribbons, and even thread they manufacture themselves. We use vintage and reclaimed buttons and embellishments are either vintage or hand made by our designers and artisans.

Fiberactive is also a place for social goodness. All of the seamstresses are Montagnard refugees from the mountains of Vietnam. They teach them everything from how to use a basic pair of scissors on up. In 2008, owner Julie Mullin started the Montagnard Community Garden so the women could produce their own food for their families.

One of Julie's favorite ideas for wedding quilts is to have a piece of specially mounted organic fabric at the wedding. As each guest comes in they sign the fabric with special fabric pen. The piece is sewn into the back of the wedding quilt as a permanent reminder of the special day. On a couple's 50th anniversary, looking at those old autographs will bring back wonderful memories of family and friends.

The garments being shown in this year's Green Wedding Showcase Eco Fashion Show are the debut of our line of 100% organic wedding apparel. In April this collection will be part of another fashion show Fiberactive is producing which will kick off our new charity, The Montagnard Education Fund. We hope this fund will provide college money for all of the children of our refugee women.

All images courtesy Julie Mullin.

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