Friday, February 19, 2010

Cuisine & Rentals through Green-Tinted Lenses

DC Rental & Design Cuisine believe that remarkable events can be created without remarkable costs to the planet. Within the walls of our businesses, we recycle through Single-Stream Recycling, use ENERGY STAR qualified products and lighting, and only clean with Green Seal Certified products. We also electronically submit proposals or use post-consumer waste recycled paper goods. We also encourage staff to use public transportation to events or carpool as well as provide bicycle racks and storage cases to encourage bicycle commuting.

At DC Rental, we provide a variety of specialty furniture, bars, cocktail lounge furniture, tables, linens, china, all coming from the same warehouse and reducing our carbon footprint while offering one stop shopping. We also reduce emissions by implementing a no idling policy with our trucks. We offer a wide selection of reusable china, glassware, flatware, and platters to minimize single-use products. We sew all of our linens in house and launder them internally to be reused. We also offer linens that are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified.

Within the kitchen at Design Cuisine, we donate all unused food, recycle 100% of our cooking oil for the production of biodiesel fuel, and pre-rinse all dishware with re-processed water which saves thousands of gallons of water annually. We make all our ice cream and sorbet in house, use hormone free and local dairy products, and utilize local farms and seasonal produce. We also only purchase fish and seafood on the Monterey Bay Seafood Guide’s “Green” List.

We will recommend to you all local and organic beers, wines and spirits for your beverage needs. We also offer bulk presentation options to combat the waste that is incurred with individual packaging.

Most importantly- we look at our company and events with green tinted lenses. We communicate with supplier about our green business practices and partnership expectations. We partner with other environmentally and socially sensitive businesses and we continuously lookout for new ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our business

By either using either our catering service or our rental side for your wedding, you can create an easy one-stop shop for your green wedding needs.

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