Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Green and Blue, Recycled Beautiful

Green and Blue stands out from the crowd of DC boutiques and bridal salons by offering unique services. Although we provide full range of new custom made couture for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride as well as evening gowns, suits and other attire, we found that we love to revamp and recycle vintage clothing and especially wedding dresses.

It makes us very happy to see a bride to have her mother's dress redone and fitted perfectly. We save and re-use vintage beading, belts, button, even threads to preserve the uniqueness of the garment. The same way we are able to re-string, re-do old jewelry to look like new or preserve the vintage look, depending on the clients desire.

We re-sell ready made wear in our boutique and we offer free expert alterations on all purchases.

All our jewelry is designed and hand made by us, using semi-precious stones, silver and other materials, new or recycled.

Our couture is made locally, using local seamstresses.

We are a small company, which occupies a small store front and an office. We try to behave as responsibly as we can. We recycle and in our boutique use selected designers who utilize eco-friendly and organic fashion and accessories.

For the bride….

If a bride is looking to revamp her mom’s dress, but is worried is too old fashioned, we would tell her to come and see what we can do. It can turn out to be her dream dress!

We had a bride who brought a beautiful Indian fabric to make a wedding dress for herself, there was some left over so we made a vest for her fiance. It was a great match and they were both very happy.

Have jewelry custom made for your bridesmaids, make them all little different but in a same style. It is a very neat way to pull the group together and make bridesmaids happy that they are wearing something unique.

Some more ideas for your day from Green and Blue...

I would recommend to limit the amount of printed materials. Wedding are very often cluttered with all kinds of cards, which might not be necessary. Use recycled paper if possible.

Check with your venue. What are their ideas about being environmentally responsible? What resources the are using? Where are they getting their supplies and especially food.? How are they treating their employees?

Is there a vintage dress you would like but does not fit? Forget about new one and have the one you love fitted for you!

Support your local small businesses, which bring the right atmosphere to your neighborhood. Especially in these times, it is important. Let's not allow the corporate stores take over our small boutiques and markets.

Invite only people you really care about. More people will consume more and will leave larger footprint.

Visit the Green and Blue shop in Washington D.C. ~ 1350 Connecticut Avenue NW,Washington, DC 20036; Phone 202.223.6644

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