Thursday, February 18, 2010

Going LoCo!

Local Color Flowers is unique in that we specialize in the use of locally grown cut flowers for weddings and special events. When you work with us- at Local Color Flowers, aka "LoCoFlo" - you get to work with people who are truly excited about the work they do.

Because we use what is locally grown and in season, each arrangement, each bouquet is unique. We have no standard options or recipes. We can guarantee that your bouquet and arrangements will be one of a kind.

Our most important green initiative is buying flowers locally. Buying locally grown flowers helps the environment in a variety of ways. Ten million cut flowers are sold everyday in the United States. 80% of those flowers come from Latin America. Buying flowers locally means that less fossil fuels, chemical preservatives and energy are used in the production and delivery of your flowers. Just like buying locally grown food or locally produced dairy products, buying flowers that are grown close to home reduces your carbon footprint on the earth.

We also compost all of or flower waste including trimmings, stems, leaves etc. We use recycled containers and vessels whenever possible.

For the Bride & Groom…

Buying flowers locally is a great Green element to include in your wedding. In addition to bouquets and arrangements, there are lots of other ways to include locally grown flowers into your wedding including: table arrangements for your rehearsal dinner, flowers for your hair and flowers, herbs or potted plants as favors.

Buying locally and supporting local business is so important. Check out Local Harvest or the Department of Agriculture to find a farmers market near you!

Also, COMPOST! Everyone can/should compost. It's pretty easy, you reduce waste being thrown into landfills and you get a great soil amendment for your garden or potted plants.

Local Color Flowers was started to offer a environmentally and socially conscious alternative for clients purchasing flowers. We are committed to responsible use of resources, supporting the local economy and promoting neighboring farms. We seek to create and support a sustainable community; where people choose local products and services; where flower farms and farm families are thriving; where there is a diverse, strong local economy; and where people are connected to the living world around them.

Since we are not traditional florists, the trends that we see are a little different than the more mainstream floral trends. Green Weddings are becoming more and more popular. The use of local and seasonal flowers is on the rise. We see couples choosing very naturalistic styled bouquets and centerpieces. Many of these styles include using non-flower natural elements such as branches, berries, fruits, vegetables, seed pods, herbs and foliage.

The desire for a natural look doesn't end with the flowers. Clients are choosing natural and recycled "vessels" rather than traditional vases. This year we will be using recycled Patron Tequila bottles, Orangina bottles, wine bottles and milk jugs as well as grape vine nests, pumpkins, apples and compostable pots. In terms of flower trends, we are having more and more requests for green (colored) flowers such as green zinnias, mums and lisianthus.

Finally, with the DIY boom, we are seeing brides and wedding parties that want to be involved with the creation of the bouquets and arrangements. For this reason, we've started to offer a DIY flower arranging party which gives the bride, her friends and family the opportunity to be involved with the arranging of their wedding flowers-with some support and instruction from experienced designers.

Photos for LoCoFlo courtesy of Carol Masica, Jocelyn Mathewes & Wendy Hickok

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