Sunday, February 14, 2010

That's Green Diva Bling!

The Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase is excited to be presenting a pair of gorgeous recycled silver earrings with fair trade pearls and moonstones from the Green Diva as one of our door prizes next Sunday!!

Aren't these stunning? Handmade in the USA by GreenDiva Jewelry - they are a fine sampling of her eco-luxury line especially for brides! This is a gift with a value of $175 - imagine how gorgeous you will look in these chandelier style earrings as they glisten in the soft twilight during your first dance. Sigh... Kathy, the Green Diva herself, explains in this vlog exactly what it means to go green with eco-jewelry and more. She also interviews Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase exhibitor, Katie Martin of Eco-Beautiful Weddings and Elegance & Simplicity! Thanks for sharing these, Kathy!

YouTube - Kate Harrison Interview with GreenDiva for The Green Bride Guide

YouTube - Green Diva Interview with Katie Martin of Eco Beautiful Weddings for The...

And more incredible info from the Green Diva's website...

There is a dirty little secret surrounding our favorite accessory. A secret so disturbing, it is guaranteed to change the way you look at your jewels forever. It is a truth that, now exposed, is beginning to turn the entire jewelry industry on its end; and one over which the National Mining Association filed a lawsuit against its own government just to keep it hidden.So what is so horrifying that some organizations would do almost anything to hide it from the public? Well, here are just a few tragic highlights of the mining and gemstone industry to date:

  1. • Mining is the #1 toxic polluter in the United States
  2. • It takes over 70,000 acres of trees per year to offset the average mine’s carbon emissions
  3. • The average gold mine exposes 1,760 tonnes of cyanide to both land and water each year
  4. • The average gold mine uses enough water to satisfy the needs of a major U.S. city for a year
  5. • Mining consumes 7-10% of global energy from dirty fossil fuels
  6. • One mine can destroy native lands and the livelihood of indigenous people for a lifetime
  7. • In the U.S., miners pay only $5 for public land use and pay 0% in royalties to the public, despite annual incomes of over $2 billion
  8. • Abandoned U.S. mines have resulted in $32-72 billion in mine cleanup for the American taxpayer

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